Friday, January 25, 2013

A poor couple lived in a small village in India. They had only one son. They gave him the best education. Son graduated as an Engineer in the nearby city. Eventually he got married to a rich girl. Initially, they lived with his parents in the village. Soon the wife got tired of village life and persuaded the husband to move to the city leaving the old parents in the village. As time went the husband saw an ad in the newspaper about a vacancy in Jeddah. He was successful and lived in Jeddah for years with his wife. Regularly he used to send money to parents. Eventually with time he stopped and forgot about his parents whether they ever existed. Every year he performed hajj and immediately after each hajj, he used to see someone telling him in a dream that his hajj is not accepted. One day he related this story to a pious Aalim who advised him to go back to India to visit his parents. The man flew to India and reached the boundary of the village. Everything had changed. He could not find his house. He asked a small boy about the whereabouts of so and so. The little boy directed the man to a house and said : "In this house lives an old blind lady who lost her husband a few months ago. She has a son who migrated to Saudi Arabia years back and never came back again. What an unfortunate man?" Son enters the home and finds his mother on the bed. He tip-toed as he did not want to wake her up. He hears the mother whispering or mumbling something. He gets closer to hear her voice. This is what the mother was saying: "Ya Allah! I am now very old and blind. My husband just died. There is no mahram to lower me in my grave when I die. So please send my son to fullfill my last wish. " This is the ending of a story where the DUA of a mother is accepted. A human body can bear only 45 del (units) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels upto 57 del (units) of pain... This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured, all at the same time!! This is just to tell you the extent to which a mother loves her child! 'Love your mom till the end of your life.The lady with whom you fight almost everyday, suffered so much pain just to give you a beautiful life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After 2 years of selfless service, a man realized that he has not been
promoted, no transfer, no salary increase no commendation and that the
Company is not doing any thing about it. So he decided to walk up to his
HR Manager one morning and after exchanging greetings, he told his HR
Manager his observation. The boss looked at him, laughed and asked him to
sit down saying;

My friend, you have not worked here for even one day.
The man was surprised to hear this, but the manager went on to explain.

Manager:- How many days are there in a year? ❓
Man:- 365 days and some times 366

Manager:- how many hours make up a day?
Man:- 24 hours

Manager:- How long do you work in a day? 🕗
Man:- 8am to 4pm. i.e. 8 hours a day.
Manager:- So , what fraction of the day do you work in hours? ⏰
Man:- (He did some arithmetic and said 8/24 hours i.e. 1/3(one third)

Manager:- That is nice of you! What is one-third of 366 days?
Man:- 122 (1/3x366 = 122 in days)

Manager:- Do you come to work on weekends? 😯
Man:- No sir

Manager:- How many days are there in a year that are weekends? 📆
Man:- 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays equals to 104 days

Manager:- Thanks for that. If you remove 104 days from 122 days, how
many days do you now have?
Man:- 18 days.

Manager:- OK! I do give you 2 weeks sick leave every year. Now remove
that14 days from the 18 days left. How many days do you have remaining? 😤
Man:- 4 days

Manager:- Do you work on New Year day? 🎊
Man:- No sir!

Manager: - Do you come to work on workers day? 🚧
Man:- No sir!

Manager:- So how many days are left?
Man:- 2 days sir!

Manager:- Do you come to work on the (National holiday )? 🇬🇧
Man:- No sir!

Manager:- So how many days are left?
Man:- 1 day sir!

Manager:- Do you work on Christmas day?
Man:- No sir! 🎄

Manager:- So how many days are left?
Man:- None sir!

Manager:- So, what are you claiming?
Man:- I have understood, Sir. I did not realise that
I was stealing Company money all these days.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A father was reading his favourite magazine and his little daughter every
now and then distracted him. Trying to keep her daughter busy,he
tore out one page on which was printed the map of the world. He
then tore the page into pieces and asked
her to go to her room and put them together to make the map again.
Having done this, the father was now
convinced he would read his magazine without any disturbance and also that it
would take her daughter the whole day to get it done.
But the little one came back within two
minutes with the perfect map…………
The curious and confused father asked her daughter how she could do it so
She giggled and said , "Oh…Dad, there is lord Ganesha's face on the other side of the paper, I made His face perfect to
get the map right."😊 Satisfied with the
answer, she ran outside to play leaving the
father surprised...😇
Moral of the story:
In life there is always the other side to whatever you
When ever we come across a challenge or puzzling situation,
look at the other side, you will be surprised
to see an easy way to tackle the problem..😄
Stay blessed..