Monday, November 5, 2012

In dis world of Facebook wer u get hundred friends ON REQUEST,its very confusing 2 maintain a true relation2day wer d essence of Luv is instantly decided by Emotional Atyaachar & Axe Ur Exits very baffling 2 define wat TRUE LUV isIn earlier days,lovers hardly talked 2 each other yet dey xperienced ETERNAL Luv whereas 2day v spend countless sleepless nites talkin or textin 2 each oder yet finally end up wit a BREAK-UP leavin d true hearted personD closer v cum,D farther v go21st century is full of Reality shows wid nthg REAL in it,Too many well-designed houses yet BROKEN HOMES,Attractive & Beautiful Faces yet d UGLIEST HEARTSIts full of Smart People,Brilliant Minds,Ambiguous Diplomats yet lack d common touch of HUMANITYA 1 line msg has bcame far easier dan personal presence on special occasionsV r ol Men & Women but just by wearing a Being Human Tshirt,v dnt bcum Human!!

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