Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls r over imaginative..
A boy sends a text

Boy: Hey

Girl (to herslf): OMG..he jst txtd me..I wondr wat he wnts..maybe he just wnts to
talk..or maybe he's mad at me, but all he said was hey..I should jst answer him,
dnt wnt to keep him waitin..
well maybe I'll wait another 3 minutes so he thinks Im busy..
no, that's too obvious. Could this mean he's into me? Or is he just bored? Either way is fine, I mean I don't care if he likes me back. Who said that I even liked him? huh.. I'm gonna text back now.
Should I reply hi or hey. Hey with 3 y's? No thats stupid. 2 y's work. He wont know if I did it on purpose or if it was accidental. Ok! I got this.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Girl: Heyy !!!

Boy: plz mark my attandence at college!!!

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