Monday, August 20, 2012

A plane was about to crash and there were only 4 parachutes. Meanwhile there were 5 people on board..

The 1st person was Tendulkar
and he said: "You know I'm the world's best cricketer, so I can't die now"
he took 1 parachute and left..B-)

The 2nd who was Anil Ambani said:
"You know I'm the richest man in
India and I'm not that old to die"
so, he took the 2nd parachute
and left..>=)

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan said:
"You know I'm the smartest prime minister in the world, so I can't die now"
he took 1 and left.. =))=D

It was left with Anna Hazare and
A little schoolgirl.

Anna hazare said to her: "Take the last 1, I will sacrifice my life for you.." X_X

The little girl replied: "But there are two parachutes left, Manmohan took my school bag.."

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