Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Many peaple make fun of sikhs by teasing them and telling its 12'o clock. They say its 12'o clock and now a sikh will go crazy and all. Many has misconceptions and thinks like that and others do just for teasing purpose. Well it's not something like a joke or something like a fun, its not just related to an individual but entire religion. Making a joke of a religion is abusive. Let me tell u the fact about this and after which you will really feel shame if u ever teased or have such mentality about sikhs.

The fact about this:
At the time of Mughal Empire in India there have been cruel mercyless Emperors like  Aurangzeb. Who ruled india and treated people as slaves. They forced people to change there religion and if ignored they use to simply cut them, torture them, and much more worse things u can imagine. Have you ever heard about the girls or women who are sold to arab countries to shaikh buyers?? Well this is a quite old business. At the time of Mughal empire in India , the Mughals use to carry this buisness. Mughals use to attack hindus, and kidnap there women and then those were taken to arab countries. Nothing could be done, all were helpless. At that time a secret army of sikhs was made who were suppose to release these women from mughals and get them back. This secret force of sikhs use to prctice guerrila attacks which is a hidden attack on enemies as this was the only possible way because mughals were very large in count and a front attack would be useless. The force use to attack at night after 12 when mughals who were taking those women use to rest at night. People use to wait for night 12'o clock and when sikh forces use to leave for that attack at night 12, hindus say (in a respectful manner) "sardaro ke 12 baj gaye" which means "sardaro ke barah baj gaye ab hamari behen/ betiyaan ghar aa jaegi". The enemies use to fear sikhs saying "12 baj gaye, sardaron ka aane ka time ho gaya hai".

Now when you understand the real fact about 12'o clock just think how a sikh sardar feels when  someone teases him for whom these sikhs have played on their lives, protected their women. You can't repay a sikh for what he has done for you in any way, we don't even want anything as sikhs have done all that for its motherland, for humanity. If you understand little bit and have some shame upon your thinking then please change your view. We dont ask for anything like repay or something but atleast respect this religion for what it is and for what it has done for you, for country, for humanity.

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