Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Msg made my Day :)
Do read it...
1. Name d 5 Wealthiest People in d world.
2.Name d Last 5 winners of Ms. Universe.
3.Name d Last 10 People Who won d Nobel prize.

How Did U Do?
The Point is, None of us Remembers The Headlines of Yesterday.
Even Though These People Must be d Best in Their Fields..
Applause Dies, Awards Are Tarnished and Achievements Are Forgotten...!!
Here's another quiz...
Let's see How This Goes:

1.Name 5 Teachers Who Added ur Journey Through School.
2.Name 5 Friends Who Helped U Thru Difficult Times.
3.Name 5 People Who Taught U Something Worthwhile.
4.Name 5 People Who Make's U Feel Special.
5.Name 5 People U Enjoy Spending Time with.

Easier...right? :)

D People Who Make a Difference in ur Life Are NOT d ones with Most Awards and Loads of money...

Life is Full of ordinary People Who Have Made d World a Better Place for U!

Cherish them!!!:) (y)

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