Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In dis world of Facebook Relationship where u get friends ON REQUEST,
its vry confusing 2 maintain a true relation

2day where d essence of Luv is instantly decided by Emotional Atyachar,
its vry baffling 2 define wat TRUE LOVE is

In earlier days,
lovers hardly talked 2 each other yet dey xprncd ETERNAL LOVE whereas
2day v spent countless sleepless nites talking/textin 2 each other yet finally end up wid BREAK-UPS
D more closer v come,
d farther v go

21 century is full of Reality shows wid nothing REAL in it,
Beautiful Faces yet UGLIEST HEARTS

Its full of Smart Ppl,
Brilliant Minds,
Ambiguous Diplomats yet lack d common touch of HUMANITY

a one line msg is far easier than personal presence on spcl occasions

v r all Men & Women but wer's d human in us?

Think abt it.

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