Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Who is it?

He's the one who holds ur hand in the crowd to save u & says-
"Tu tension mat le, apan sambhal lenge sab"!

The one who tap ur back, when u r wrong-
"I knew it, aise ghaple bas tu he kar sakta hai"!

The one who do everything for u,
but then refuses to take thanks-
"Ab ye formalty ka natak mat kar"!

The one who msg u, saying-
"Abey kameene, reply to kiya kar"!

The one who make u smile & stop ur tears & hmslf start crying.
"Aankh me bhi abhi he kachra girna tha, bas tu band kar ab apna ye radio"!.^2.!

Fwded to all friends, even to those who are not in touch..:)

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