Monday, July 11, 2011

Take chances!
Tel d truth!
Learn to Say no!
Spend al ur money!
Fal in LOVE!
Feel a first KISS!
Get to kno some1 random!
Say I LOVE u 2 sum1 in life
B mean!
Mke fun of people!
Sing out loud!
Laugh at a stupid joke!
Tke revenge!
Laugh wen u fall!
Get into a fight!
Tel some1 hw mch they mean to u!
Tel the idiot hw he/she hurt u!
let some1 kno wht they're missing! Abuse some1 who deserves it!
Sit alone, watch d rain n cry!
laugh til ur stomach hurts..!
Dance evn if u suck at it!
Pose stupidly 4 pictures!
Gve some1 a hug wen dey need it, make sure u get 1 wen u do!
Act lik a kid!
Jump up n dwn!
Live it, luv it.!

Coz lyf cms jst ONCE...!
Mke d mst of it..

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