Monday, July 4, 2011

Life means:-
A wintr evenin,
5 frnds,
Mild Rain,
five shots of vodka..

Life means:
20 bucks of petrol,
2 rusty old bikes,
An open road..........

Life means:
1 pepsi 5 frnds.........

Life means:
1 Prep leave,
1 nite,
1 book,
8 dufers..

Life means:
5 old frnds,
5 seprate cities,
5 cofee mugs n
1 facebook..

Life means:
1 girl,
1 numbr,
5 frnds,
n a fight.

Life means:
1 hostel room, after a horror movie, 5 frndz, hanumaan chalisa whole nite.

Life means:
Smile frm a frnd aftr readin this sms .

Life means:
Live these days!!
They arent gonna b back evr... :)~o)

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