Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gal: why is GOD doing dis to me ?
If he knew that i wud suffer this way, why did he let me fall so deep in love for him ?
Boy: imagine that ur dad has two cars.
One of them is ugly and old and the other one is new car,d one he loves d most, and is more expensive.

He wants 2 teach u how 2 drive.
In what car do u think he wud teach u ?

He'll teach u in d ugly cheaper n old car, so you can crash it, and when you learn 2 drive,
he wud give u the pretty one...

This is how God works!
He wud not give you d right one for you now, bcoz he knows you can do wrong and loose him forever...
He wants you to meet atleast 1 wrong person, just to know how to treat the right one.!!

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