Monday, February 7, 2011

A tired man came home late frm his whole day hardwork.
His 5yr.old son was waiting 4 him at d door.
Son-Dad, may i ask u a question ?
Dad- ya
S- dad, how much do u make an hour?
Dad - thts not ur busines.
Son- plz tel me
Dad- 20 $ per hour
Son- dad, may i plz borrow 10 $ ?
Dad got angry n shoutd on d kid 2 go to d bed.
The litle boy went 2 d room n shut d door.

After sumtym man got calm n he went to kid's room n said-
Sorry 4 being so hard. Here's ur 10 $ u askd for.
Kid smild- oh thank u daddy !
Then boy tuk out sum coins he had kept under d pillow, he countd them n said-
"Dad, i hav 20 $ now. Can i buy an hour of ur time ? Plz cum home early 2morow. I wud like 2 hav dinner wid u."

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