Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't just hav career or academic goals,
set goals 2 giv u a balanced,sucesful lyf.
I use d word balanced,b4 sucesful.
Balanced mean ensuring ur health,relatnshps,mental peace r al in gud order.
Der is no point of geting a promotn on day of ur breakup.Der is no fun in driving car if ur back hurts.Shoping isn't enjoyable if ur mind is ful of tensun.Even d food of 5 star hotel is tasteles if urn't wid ur luvd 1.
Life is 1 of d races in nursery schol,where u hav 2 run wid a marble on a spoon,kept in ur mouth.If d marble falls,there is no point coming 1st.
Same wid life,wer health & relatnshps r lik marbles.
Ur striving is only worth it if der is harmony in ur life.Else u may achieve d suces,bt d spark,d exictment wl start 2 die.!!DON'T B SERIOUS,B SINCERE.

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