Monday, February 21, 2011

As v grw up,
v learn dat even d persn who was nt suppose 2 ever let u dwn, may let U dwn

U vl fite wid Ur bst frnd

U vl cry bcoz tym is passin fast,n U vl eventually loose sm1 U love

Nothng is permanent,

No1 is immortal...

=Only memories last 4evr=

So click a lot of pictrs, laugh alot, & love lyk u hav nevr been hurt bcoz evry 60 secs U spend upset,is a minute of happines U wll nevr get back..!

Dnt b afraid dat ur lyf wll end;Rather b afraid dat it wll nevr begn again..
Dedicated to all those, whom I have shared a laugh with...:-)

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