Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life has never promisd u nythng...

Nor do God...

But people did...

Sum said dey wil never leave u..Lie

Sum said they wil luv u til death..Lie

Sum said they vl treat u lik Hw Dey r wid sum1 else..LiE

Sum said u r the mst precious 1..Lie

Life is made f such sweet Lies... In d end al dat matters is, hw u face the time wen u finaly realizd those were just lies n hw truthful u were... we may ask "wudn't life be much btr if these lies were never told ?" But the true fact, wich is yet harder is.. Wen u realiz dat , the times u lived on those big lies were d bst times of ur lyf.....n its so damn true!§§

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