Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who are they ?
The one who holds ur hand in a crowd, which is against u.
"Tu tension mat le,
Hm sambhal lenge sab"
The one who tap ur back, when u r wrong.
"I knw it,aise ghaple bas tu hi kar sakta hai"
The one who do evrything for u, but then refuses to take thanks.
"Ab ye formality ka natak mat kar"
The one who msg u, saying
"abey rply to kar
The one who make u smile & stop ur tears & hmslf/hrslf start crying.
"Aankh me bhi abhi he kachra girna tha, aur tu band kr ab apna ye radio".

Send dis to all ur friends,even to those who are not in touch or who r far away from u,like i did..

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