Wednesday, September 8, 2010

‎​There were these two friends and both of them had Sardarji drivers. They were having an argument about whose driver is more stupid. So one of the friends called his driver:"Oye Santa Singh"...
Santa Singh replied: "Ji praaJi" his boss said: "take this 100Rs, go to Showroom and buy a Mercedes Benz for me"
Santa Singh said: Oh fikar hi na karo ji..mein abhi aaya"
The boss said to his friend in a winning tone.." See how stupid he is..he went to buy a Mercedes for only100Rs,"
The other friend said" Still my driver is more stupid" Then he called his driver Banta Singh and said" Go home and check if I'm there"..............???? Banta singh said" ji mein abhi aata hoon dekh kar".. His boss said "see my driver is more stupid.. he can't even realize that how can i be at home if i m here"
Now Santa and Banta met on their way.. Santa: My boss is sooo stupid..he gave me 100Rs, to buy a mercedes..he does not even know that today is Sunday and all showrooms are closed...
Banta: My boss is even more stupid.. He sent me to check if he is home..he has a cell phone .he could have called home and check if he is there..

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