Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lyf is nt about riding BMW & Mercedes, but abt 3 friends on a Single vehicle riding round d city...
It's not about 75 Rs Coffee at CCD, but many Frenz 2gather sharing 10 Rs Dairy Milk & still njoying..
Lyf is nt boasting about a 350 Rs Movie Ticket, but abt a Few Frenz buying 50 Rs ticket & wondering ki is bar popcorn kaun khilaega..
Lyf is not abt eating at every expensive Restaurant, but abt Few Friends,a stove, late night & boiling Maggi..
Lyf is also nt abt 1.5 ton AC in 45 degrees, but abt few friends lying on Roof Top in Summer Nights gazing at the Stars & talking abt all Naughty things they did in past.. LIFE is Valued Moments! The Thing is that we Must learn how to enjoy LIFE....

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