Monday, August 23, 2010

I likd dis msg...Hop u wil also...
Once, an old man was sitin on a bench of a garden wit his 25yrs old son, der was a tree besid d bench. Old man saw a bird sitin on d tree.He askd d son,wht s dis? Son replied,its a crow. D old man again askd wht s dis?Son said, I already told u,tht its a crow.D old man again askd wht s dis?Son angrily said, r u deaf or mad, papa?How many times to tell u its a crow.Can't u understnd?Old man, patiently replied, my dear son,wen u wer 5yrs old,u askd me 174 times,d same ques tht wht s dis.I replid everytime wit a kiss, tht is a crow! now,
I askd u 3 times,nd u wer iritated. Thts d diff b/w d luv of parents nd luv frm d children!So please do ur duty wen ur parens r dependent on u...
Luv ur parents..

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