Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things2learn frm dil chahta hai...freakin out n enjoyin lyf doesnt need booze,smoke o dope...thr r relations except gf/bf which r emotional n tru n beyond understandin of many ppl...though u mayb bestfrens limits shld nt b crossed...improvin imperfections afta realiztn takes time...believe in tru love it wont let u down...neva b ashamed2go back2ur old frens as thy understan ur mistakes...dun b afraid of others.think thy r afraid of u like d australian beggar at d rlwy stn...weneva u need ur fren rememba he/she is jus a call away...in d end v wil rememba nt d words of our enemies bt d silence of our frens...its frens hu u can cal at 4a.m...d only unchangeable certainty is tat nothin is certain or unchangeable...d best kind of fren is wit hu u can sit on a porch n not say a word n yet feel it was d best convo u ever had..!!

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