Wednesday, May 12, 2010

‎​An incident took place in pune-a young gal ws attacked by police officer,he asked her to 2 cm 2 d police statn wen she n her male frnd didn't hv a driver license 2 show.he sent d boy off 2 get his license n ask d gal to acompne him to polc statn.tuk her insted to an isolated plac wer d horrendous crime ws cmited..
The law(wch most of us not aware of) clearly states dat btwn 6pm n 6am ie sunset to sunrise a women has d right to refus to go to d polic statn even if n arrest warrent has been isued against her.. Undr sever situatn she cn be only arested during dis time only by a women officer n taken to d all women police statn... Plz frwrd dis to as many gal as u cn n also 2 boys so dat dey cn protect dier sis,frn,wives etc..

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