Saturday, May 8, 2010

I mis d feelng of being cmplete,Although drez nthng at al missing in my lyf.
I miss dat 1 spcl hug dt cud ease al d tension n grief,Although i hv innumerable ppl who genuinely support m in tyms f need.
I miss dt 1 awaited cal or txt durng d day,olthough my fone dsnt stop ringing until its battery givs away..
I miss d feeling of being d most spcl prsn in sm1's lyf,Although dre r ppl who say i m spcl 4 dm.
Its nt oftn dt i get ds feeling,But wen i do i realise,i knw wat i m missing in life..& dts LOVE..!!
2 al singles(4 dm 2 realize wt dy r msng), 2 al d couples(so dt dy value wat dy hv) :-) :-)

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