Wednesday, May 12, 2010

‎​How BBmessenger Has​ Changed Us :-

• You check your phone before you even wake up
• Ignoring people became your forte`
• Living alone is no longer lonely
•You wake up from a long night partying with no. memory but hey it's okay! Your bbm has a record of what happened because you wrote to someone everytime you did something stupid
•You now have typing as a skill on your CV
• No need for a high school reunion because even your second grade maths teacher is on your list
• Everyone's a comedian all of a sudden
• Your thumbs developed new muscles (y)
• You now have a bbm boyfriend/girlfriend to add to the list
• No one has time for you yet they can update their status every 3 mins
•Your social life just became a lot more social
‎​• When your battery runs out you'll sell your liver for a charger, heck you'll even help them cut it out
• Its no longer necessary to read the newspaper or watch the news, they just can't keep up
• Gossip travels at the speed of light
• You know everytime someones taking a shit or feels like shit because regular status updates are a must
•your legs go numb or your back starts hurting cause you've been sitting in the same exact position for so long bbming
•You accidently laugh out loud in public
•facebook no longer seems so important! Who would have thought?

Its a BB world now...B)

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