Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guys here is real story to read: Some frnds were going frm delhi 2 jaipur in a taxi whose driver was a sardar (sikh). All of the frnds were making jokes on sikh, sharing it wid each other and laughed at on d journey. The sikh driver dint speak anything during d whole journey. He just listened to them politely and remained patient. At the end of the journey, he called one of them & said "I wil not stop u on making jokes on sikh neither i will tell u the stories of their bravery. Just take dis 1 re coin and give it 2 any poor sikh beggar." 6 months passd dat 1 re coin is still wid those frnd. U knw y? Coz he dint find any sikh begging anywhere. Sikhs never give up. they earn wid their hardwork and never beg til their last breath. Stil ppl dont stop making jokes on Them.Some of us have realized. Let the whole world knw it!!

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