Saturday, May 15, 2010

D mst stupid ques ppl usually ask in obvious situations.
1. At movies : hey! Wat r u doin here?? Ans : Dont u know??? I sell tickets in black over hre
2. In bus:A heavy lady wearin pointed high heeled shoes steps on your feet:sorry did that hurt? Ans:No, not at all. I'm on local anaesthesia. Why dont you try again?
3. At funeral: One of the teary eyed ppl ask:Why??? Why him of all ppl? Ans: why? Would it rather have been you??
4. When you get woken up at midnight by a phone call : sorry! Were you sleepin? Ans: No! I was doing a research on whether zulu tribes in africa marry or not. You thought i was sleepin? You dumb witted moron
5. When you see a friend with an evidently shorter hair : hey! Have you had a haircut? Ans: nah! Its autumn n m sheddin !!

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