Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Using ur brains is strictly prohibited when u enter in exam hall.

Q- u r in a boat in middle of river,
u hav 2 candles n hav to light any1 candle,
u dont hav nytin wit u in d boat.
How to do it?

Ans- take 1candle n throw it in d water, so d boat wil bcom Lighter, usin tis Lighter u can light d other candle.

Another deadly ans- u throw up n catch it. Catches win Matches, usin Matches u can light d candle.

If tat wasnt enough- take water in ur hand n drop it, drop by drop(tip-tip) tip tip barsa pani, pani ne aag lagaye, us aag se hamne candle jalayee.

If tat wasnt enough uptil now- start praising 1candle, d other wil get jealous n get lighted up.
this is our style of answering.
logic ho na ho length honi chahiye!

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  1. I am just wondering what could have had Rajnikant done if he was in this situation .....