Monday, April 19, 2010

U scrol dwn thru ur favourite contcts in ur mobile each name u c pops up a difrnt story in ur mind. n u mis a heartbeat at a few spcl 1s. u r confusd wid ur own feelins. n den u find urslf smilng at nothng.
u realis dat u wer cherishng al d gud moments wid each 1 f dem in your life.
Witout a 2nd thought,
u end up sndng a msg or calng up. But, A 20 yrs frm now. Is it gonna b d same???
Wil u atlst end up givin a misd call 4 d 1s dat wer once ur dearst???
u feel a distnce dat u wer unaware of and u wish u wer closr...
I wondr..
Wat in da world can stop u frm cryng then!!
bt vry true..send dis 2 al close frnds n tel dem u luv dem always n have a smile for them on your face when so they meet up...!!:-)

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