Tuesday, April 27, 2010

‎​Open letter to Tendulkar :
Dear Mr. Tendulkar,
Having worshiped you all these years and being one of your most sincere fans, something about this loss doesn't feel right!

Prior to the match, I was told by a close friend," mumbai can't win cos there are bets worth 1000s of crores on them, bookies can't pay 1:3, 1:6 odds! Csk will have to win"

To this my reply was " you guys are cynical a**holes! How can u doubt the god of cricket's integrity." And he said, " "we'll see"

While, I appreciate your effort in trying to make a match out of this, I just cannot understand the reasons behind some of your ridiculous decisions you made today.

With 30 balls to go and 60 odd to win, we see Mr. Duminy walk in. Your trump card, Mr. Pollard walks in with 18 balls to spare, 8 down.

Now, in those 30 balls, 18 were that of Ashwin and Muralidharan. We know Mr. Duminy has been the most susceptible player against spin.

On the contrary, mr. Pollard has scored 97 of the last 33 balls faced by him this series. But to everyone's disbelief, the unthinkable happened. Pollard was left with an impossible task.

Would things have been different had he come in a lot earlier? we will never know!

Don't get me wrong, We can accept defeats gracefully,
But with a ridiculous batting order, drop catches, many attempts to run oneself out, I don't think we ever wanted to win.
You being the best servant to indian cricket, we may give you the benefit of this doubt and move on, but something doesn't feel right!

Yours truly,
A Dejected fAN

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