Saturday, April 17, 2010

A mom passing by her son's bedroom was astonished. D bed was nicely made & everythin was packed. She saw an envelope on the bed. It was addressed "Mom", She opened d envelope & read d letter wid trembling handz:
Dear mom, itz wid gr8 regret dat m writin 2 u. I had 2 elope wid my gf coz i want 2 avoid a scene wid dad & u. I've been findin real passion wid her & she is so nice, wid her dimple cheeks & sweet eyes & gud character. Dont wry mom, m 21 yrs old & i knw hw 2 takecare of myself. Sumday we'll come & visit, so u can get 2 knw ur grandchildren.

Note : Mom, none of d above is true. I Am at d neighbour's house! I just want 2 remind u dat der r worse things in lyf dan my semester exam results in my desk. Call wen its safe 4 me 2 come home...

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