Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dis case hppnd in a hospital's ICU ward, whr patients alwz died in d same bed on all Sunday mornings at 11am, regardless of medical condition.
This puzzled d doctors n sm evn thot it has smthn 2 do wid supernatural. No 1 cud solve the mystery dt vy deaths tuk place at 11am. So a world wide experts wer constituted n decided 2 investigate d situation. So d nxt sunday morning few minutes b4 11am all d doctors n nurses waitd outsyd d ward 2 c d terrible phenomenon. Sm wer holding wooden cross, prayer buks n odr holy objects 2 ward off evil.
n thn..


Santa, d part-tym sunday sweeper entered d ward, unplugged d Life Support System n plugged in d vaccum cleaner!:-D

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